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Hello and thank you for taking the time to watch this 10 minute video. I am starting a new venture called Teesside Wellbeing, the purpose is to help people in Teesside to experience wellbeing. So not an original name for it. Obviously I need an income, so I will be selling these 500ml bottles of green tea. I make them myself, you will be able to view a video of my manufacture process containing pure green tea with lemon. The original tea is a bit bitter but does have a nice flavour, at least to me. The lemon gives it a citrus flavour.

There is a lot of research in to the benefits of green tea. I can cite from the literature, papers talking about prevention of cancers. There is an effect in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Quercetin and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) will aid in the absorption of zinc in the form of zinc ionophore into your cells. This helped me when I was exposed to Covid as zinc is a key part of the immune response. I do offer green tea with fresh lemon and this give you the benefit of vitamin C.

I want to take the time to get to know you. Like I say I have to make a living and selling green tea will be a start. I will be going around and selling the tea to you face to face. Talk to me and let's get to know each other health is now a hobby of mine. I do spend time in the medical literature and I will take time to focus on you.

Having a chat like the old days is important we just seem to have no time for each other now days. I would like to see myself as a merchant of old talking to folk taking the time to make you feel special. I make no medical claims, that is not what I want to do but I do want to take an interest in you.

Being 57 now I have noticed how people are suffering from modern illnesses I find that a bit strange as I did not see this in the past. Are we less healthy now in some way? I have been looking in to health issues in the last year or so and I am seeing in the literature a link to diet and how bad ultra processed food are for us, I think I can help people just by talking about it on a local level.

There is a lot we can do the prevent illness. At this point I want to be clear if you are ill you go and see your doctor listen and follow the treatment given. Having said that we are what we eat a good diet exercise and having a good work life balance will make a big difference to you, It is my hope I can talk about this to you and help you make some good choices. I sell green tea and believe it is beneficial doing no harm. I eat meat and vegetables and do a fair amount of exercise. Sleep and life management are important and is, or can be under your control. Get this right and we can be healthy.

My diet and how it can help you if you consider it or even part of it. Maybe I am a bit extreme, I will have 2 boiled eggs with liver pate and a small bowl of oats about 7:00am, some cooked meat for lunch and a normal meal at night about 6:30pm. You don't have to follow that but not snacking is something that helps. I don't eat bread but if you do, try and make it whole grain. I do like a pint of beer, I don't drink more times than I do drink, I don't do bad I am not someone that will not have fun.

Doctor Michael Eades, M.D. . is someone I listen to and he said once. 'If you want to lose weight don't eat! If that is to extreme don't eat carbs. If that is to extreme then don't eat processed carbs. If that is too extreme eat meat first then eat carbs. If that is too extreme put on weight and god bless you.' So eat meat first then a sweet if you want, like your gran gave you. Remember a snack is starting a meal, if you need to do that try and make that snack low carbs there are low carb snacks out there, I will have a scotch egg myself.

Organ meats like Liver and Kidney are the two I have tried and I do think they are delicious. To eat Liver each day is the reason I eat pate in the morning. I have tried to get other people to try them but I know it may not be your cup of tea. The nutrition they contain is of the highest standard so it is worth it, I can make you a few different dishes if you would like to try it. There is an Organ meat supplement out there I am thinking about Xtend-Life Organ Ultra. I prefer to eat organ meat but supplements may work for you.

I do not say don't eat carbs but limit them. I promote the meat diet and I do know it is not for everyone. The vegetarian and vegan diet can work I know but I don't know how, so I will leave that to someone else. Try and eat a meal that starts with meat and then eat a small amount of potato at the end of the meal. Sweets after the main meal is not bad. Try and eat like this and you will be doing well.

All carbs are not equal the closer to the raw ingredient the better. Processed carbs are the worst for you they digest early in the gut and leave the later part of the small intestine with nothing to do this is so bad for you. Add to that the fact you just don't stop feeling hungry and you don't tell yourself you are full with processed food. You have no choice but to eat more and more and more.

Being overweight is not your fault. Everywhere I look I see adverts for ultra processed carbs, even worse they push buy one get one free. Once you have ate your meal of processed carbs you are just hungry again, it just how your metabolism works with this stuff, you just can't win. But if you start with dropping ultra processed food and eat some meat freshly cooked you stop feeling hungry. The more you do the better it gets.

Doughnuts are the worst thing you can eat. 40% processed carbohydrates 50% fat and 10% protein this is the worst combination. Yum yum then you want another one and one more. you just can't win.

Can you find doughnuts in nature? Think about it I know I did and the answer is no it does not exist. There is a reason for that, it is just not right. It is the big food companies pushing this for their profits, good for that but no good for you.

Lose weight and never feel hungry, lots of meat and above ground grown veg. Stay of bread or limit it, stay away from processed food. Keep the carbs low and you get the results, with the health boost. You need your gut to be in top shape to fight of all the nasty bugs out there and if you are fair with your gut it will be fair with you.

I have listened to Gabor Erdosi and read the medical papers he refers to, the upshot is you have to eat healthy food to keep your microbiome healthy. Doing so will keep you and your immune system in the best shape it can be in. I intend to go into this on detail and reference the work of Ivor Cummings and others. I wanted to keep this short but I will go into detail later.

Vitamin D and the vitamin B in your diet are important. You get vitamin B from your diet but that depends on your mycobiome being healthy. Vitamin D you get from the sun in summer so in winter I supplement it and I encourage everyone to do so as well. Dr Grimes describes a good level of vitamin D in your blood as a human right, get it right and so many of the modern complaints can be stopped in their tracks. Again I will go into detail later.

Thanks for listening. I would like to thank Ivor Cummings , Gabor Erdosi , and many other scientists for sharing information so I could learn about wellbeing. I have and continue to work with Dr Grimes to champion vitamin D as a treatment for Covid 19 and when we get the medical authorities to adopt the medical research many lives will be saved. We Love Our Heart with Mark Felstead has been a support to me and can help some people. I continue to learn and I want to share that with you. So how to contact me phone or text me 07856729243 or email me at jon.bulmer@teessidewellbeing.co.uk and get your green tea.