Teesside Wellbeing - Green Tea without Compromise

Green Tea on the Market


I had a lovely first day at Stockton market. I met some lovely folk and appreciate the support. I will keep building the products and be there for you all. A big thank you to you all.


Green Tea without Compromise


I offer the highest quality Green Tea in a bottle that is fresh, no preservatives and prepared by me for you. I have been asked if I could change the colour of the tea? The answer is no it would compromise it, the strength of the tea is its purity. Take a look at the ingredients of the food you are buying. It is full of hidden extras that are not good for you and you don’t properly understand what they mean. Take a look at the ingredients of this tea. It is simple, natural and clear.

There is a lot of research into the benefits of green tea. It helps with the prevention of cancers, prevention of cardiovascular disease and gives your immune system a big boost. It will aid in the absorption of zinc in the form of zinc ionophore into your cells, put simply zinc can't get into the cells in your body where it will help the immune system without the presents of zinc ionophore.

I do offer green tea with fresh lemon and this gives you the benefit of vitamin C, with ginger for that refreshing feeling with many health benefits and of course, the fresh taste of pure green tea.

Thank you very much for your support and interest and by drinking Teesside Wellbeing Green Tea and talking to me. We can help improve people's health and wellbeing.